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Practical Knowledge of Art History. Romantic Painters as Scholars in the 19th Century.

Research Seminar with Michael Thimann


"Artistic Research" is a key term in contemporary art discourse and is intended to unite the fields of humanities and natural sciences. Artistic research, however, already existed in the 19th century, particularly in the field of history. This lecture explores the contribution of artists to the formation of the scientific discipline of art history in the 19th century. The central question is to what extent one's own artistic activity and practical knowledge have shaped one's own activity as a 'scientist' and which interactions can be described. This research seminar will address two ongoing research projects at the University of Göttingen dedicated to the intellectual and scientific ambitions of artists in the 19th century.

Scientific organisation: Steffen Zierholz

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Villino Stroganoff
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Anna Paulinyi
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Tuesday, november 27, 2018
11.00 a.m.

Michael Thimann

...  is professor of Modern Art History at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen since 2012, where he investigates the history of images and ideas of the 19th century. Previously, he taught in Berlin, Basel, Jena and Zurich.