Clim Wijnands, M.A.


wijands(at) 0669 993-1

Curriculum Vitae

Clim is preparing a PhD project on the kinetic and corporal interaction between paintings and their viewers in Renaissance Italy, focusing on paintings that had moveable parts or were painted on both sides, and therefore encouraged the beholder to move and/or touch.

He received his B.A. in Art History at Radboud University in Nijmegen, where he later also completed a Research Master in Art and Visual Culture at the university’s interdisciplinary research institute of Historical, Literary, and Cultural Sciences (HLCS). He specialized in cinquecento Venetian painting, and is particularly interested in the social aspects of Renaissance painting.

He wrote his master thesis on strategy, innovation, and identity in the careers of Lorenzo Lotto, Pordenone, and Gerolamo Savoldo, focusing on the artistic and strategic methods these painters used to forge ‘marketable’ identities, attract new customers, and climb the social ladder.

In 2017, Clim was a curatorial intern at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, where he assisted in the preparation of international exhibitions on Rubens (2017), Caravaggio and Bernini (2019).

Research Interests

  • Kinetic and corporal interaction with Italian cinquecento paintings
  • Materiality of sensory perception in the Renaissance
  • The social agency of paintings


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