Che ogni occhio negozi da solo. Riflessioni intorno alla costruzione della storia, della memoria e dell’oblio nella pratica audiovisiva del found footage, cinema di compilazione e di archivio

Víctor Martín García, M.A.

In this research we want to deepen from a theoretical perspective the audiovisual practices known as found footage, compilation film and archive cinema. We try to clarify some aspects of this practice, making the ideological discourse inherent to it and analyzing its own forms of message codification. In particular, it focuses on those audiovisual manifestations of found footage that most question the construction of history and memory (both collective and individual) and at the same time suggest new discursive hypotheses through the experimentation of the medium.
The work with archive images, with the intention of re-reading historical discourses, which implies that when new readings are produced in different contexts the same images and their manipulation are able to show new perspectives on one's own historical event. And this is also due in part to the subjectivity of those behind the narrative reworking, motivating the investigation to establish itself in practice within an essay cinema close to the artistic proposals. Moreover, the paradigms developed in the decades following the Second World War are considered as a starting point. The political and social situation in this period stimulates the need for innovative cinematographic works and narrative systems that are able to describe events freeing themselves from the prevailing styles. And in this way, to determine certain aspects of the practice of found footage that are therefore proposed to better clarify the ways, uses, reception and appropriation of images within the historical discourse or the one related to memory, and that can contribute to the explanation of the use of this audiovisual practice today.

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