Katharina Bedenbender, M.A.

Wissenschaftliche Assistentin

Main Focus

  • Plant and animal studies
  • Architectural theory
  • Liminal spaces and their ceremonial use
  • Painting cycles in their spatial and social context
  • Early Modern Italy in a global context

Research Project

Beyond Exoticism: Non-European Flora and Fauna in Early Modern Italy (1450–1650 circa)

Publications (Selection)

  • "Stairs and cerenomies in early modern Venice", in Architectures of Festival in early modern Europe, ed. J. R. Mulryne, Krista de Jogne, Pieter Martens and R.L.M. Morris, London et al. 2018, pp. 237256.
  • "Michelangelo Buonarotti, Bartolomeo Ammanati: Vestibül und Treppe der Biblioteca Laurenziana in Florenz", in Maniera (exhibiton catalog Frankfurt am Main), ed. Bastian Eclercy, Frankfurt am Main 2016.
  • "Ascencendo et descendendo aequaliter: Lo scalone come spazio immaginativo", in Spazi veneziani, ed. Sabine Meine, Rome 2014, pp. 107124.
  • "Markus Lüpertz: Die sieben Tugenden im Treppenhaus des Kanzleramtes zu Berlin", in Macht zeigen – Kunst als Herrschaftsstrategie (exhibition catalog Berlin), Berlin 2010, pp. 144147.
  • Review: "Kämpf, Tobias: Archäologie offenbart: Cäciliens römisches Kultbild im Blick einer Epoche. Leiden/Boston 2015", ArtHist.net, URL: https://arthist.net/reviews/20146 (accessed 15.02.2019).

Curriculum Vitae

Katharina Bedenbender studied art history in Marburg, Berlin (HU) and Karlsruhe. Her dissertation on "Stairs and Ceremonies in Early Modern Venice" has been supported by scholarships of the Bibliotheca Hertziana (Rome) and the Centro Tedesco di Studi Veneziani (Venice). She has been teaching at the universities of Siegen and Frankfurt/Main, where she also worked as scientific assistant for Hans Aurenhammer. Since 2019, with a postdoctoral project on non-European flora and fauna, she works as scientific assistant (wissenschaftliche Assistentin) for the Department of Tristan Weddigen at the Bibliotheca Hertziana.
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