Spielraum. Espaces de jeu et marges de manœuvre entre le Brésil et l’Europe entre le XXème et le XXIème siècles

Dr. Eduardo Jorge de Oliveira

The Spielraum research project reaches the implementation of a method of reading the encounters, displacements, journeys and migrations between Europe and Brazil between the 20th and 21st centuries. “Spielraum” comes from Walter Benjamin’s notes taken as an addition to his essay on the technical reproduction of the work of art. In the “additions to the earlier versions” he noted the polarity of appearance and play (“Polarität von Schein und Spiel”) in which a “second technique” plays a historical role, namely, “what goes hand in hand with the atrophy of appearances, the withering away of the aura of works of art, is a tremendous gain in play space”. On the one hand, we translate “Spiel-Raum” as “margin of maneuver”, a fundamental space for artists and intellectuals to create new correspondences, connections that go beyond even a finished work of art surrounded by an “aura”. On the other hand, these correspondences and connections are of a procedural value from which come the intermediate forms and intermediaries of the meetings. Taking this conceptual-methodological path, “margin of maneuver” will be a way of reading texts and images from cultural crossings, that is, physical displacements, exchanges through images, texts and their translations. Artists, intellectuals and theorists produce margins and it is their own knowledge that maneuvers them towards the most distinct fields, including art history, aesthetics, literature, anthropology, etc.

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