Archivio Staccioli: 1971–1981 

Caterina Martinelli, M.A.

The research project at the Archivio Mauro Staccioli has as its aim the digitization of the archive materials contained there. It consists in the drafting of a documentation analytical inventory related to the selected years from 1971 to 1981. Consistently with the artistic path of Mauro Staccioli, who recognizes himself as a sculptor and personalize his plastic language from the end of the Sixties, all works belonging to the fisrt decade of his activity have been selected: this will allow the researcher to know not only the major works but to understand connections and relationships between those and minor works, to be able to compare them, building a wider and more accurate analysis. It also includes the drafting of a detailed description of the archival materials, fundamental for the historical and artistic reconstruction of the artist works and for the situational dimension in which they fits. This analytical inventory is intended to provide the researcher with in-depth documentation; it will allow to understand in detail the work together with its historical and artistic context. This project consists, thanks to the study of documentary material, the identification and the cataloguing of critics, gallery owners, suppliers and more generally all the professional figures or institutions that gravitated around the artist.

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