Cultural Heritage of the Soviet Period in Contemporary Ukrainian Art

Yevheniia Moliar, M.A.

I am researching the artistic practices of contemporary Ukrainian artists who turn to cultural heritage of the Soviet period in their works. Namely: to describe, systematize and characterize such art projects of the period 2010–2022. Working with the understanding of the cultural heritage of the Soviet period, the artists are engaged in the documentation of various objects of architecture and monumental and decorative art, and the practices of urban planning. Today, during the war in Ukraine, many such objects have been lost or destroyed, and documentation and descriptions from the private archives of artists may be the only evidence of lost monuments. 
My research on art projects of Ukrainian artists in 2010–2022, is related to:

  • Modernist architecture
  • Soviet urban planning
  • Soviet public art
  • Representations of Soviet art and history of the twentieth century in museum exhibitions
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