Transatlantic Constellations. Visual Arts and Solidarity Networks between Chile and Italy

Roberta Garieri, M.A.

My project investigates the artistic and political solidarity networks that emerged between Chile and Italy during the 1970s. Like other western European countries, Italy played a central role in supporting the 'Chilean way to socialism' promoted by Salvador Allende Gossens between 1970 and 1973, as well as in denouncing the military coup d'état of 1973. Reconsidering the dialogues established during this period allows us to ask a central question: did an ethics of solidarity emerge in artistic practices as a response to the neo-imperialism of the Cold War?
By adopting a transdisciplinary approach, my research aims to enrich our knowledge of the art scene of these years, studying it not as an isolated production but as part of a constellation that was in constant dialogue with other places, actors and ideas. This approach allows for a reframing of the plurality of references that characterised transatlantic artistic relations in the 20th century and decentralises established paradigms, moving instead towards an understanding of how transnationality and solidarity open up new horizons for our discipline.

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