Ana Paula Salvat, M.A.

Associate Scholar

Main Focus

  • Brazilian art and architectural history
  • Brazilian cultural institutions
  • Digital Visual Studies
  • Artworks and architecture cataloging

Research Project

Brazil Photo Collection Project

Publications (Selection)

  • "From America to Europe: a Decolonial History of the Main Square of Mexico City," in Pós FAUUSP, 28 (2021), Nr. 52, URL: (accessed 26.10.2021).
  • "México-Tenochtitlan: As Raízes Ameríndias na Cidade Ocidental", in Anais [do] XVI Seminário de História da Cidade e do Urbanismo - 30 anos: atualização crítica, ed. Dilton Lopes de Almeida Júnior, Fábio Macedo Velame, and José Carlos Huapaya Espinoza, Salvador 2021, pp. 18501869. URL: (accessed 26.10.2021).
  • "A ‘Plaza Mayor’ como palco da cidade barroca: o caso da Cidade do México", in V Congreso Internacional de Barroco Iberoamericano - identidades y redes culturales, ed. Yolanda Guasch Marí, Granada 2021, pp. 543552. URL: (accessed 26.10.2021).
  • "Configurações visuais do centro urbano do Império Espanhol: comparações entre o Zócalo, na Cidade do México, e a Plaza Mayor, em Madri", H-ART Revista de historia, teoría y crítica de arte, 5 (July 2019), URL: (accessed 03.11.2021).
  • "O valor simbólico da paisagem: a relação entre cultura e poder na colonização da Cidade do México", in II Seminário Internacional Espaços Narrados - as línguas na construção dos territórios ibero-americanos, ed. Luis Antonio Jorge, São Paulo 2019, pp. 473495.

Curriculum Vitae

Ana Paula Salvat holds bachelor’s degrees in Visual Arts from the University of São Paulo, and in Art History from the Federal University of São Paulo, a Specialization in Archives Management from the State University of Campinas, and a Master’s degree in Visual Arts from the São Paulo State University "Julio de Mesquita Filho". She worked as a registrar, preventive conservator, and researcher in some of the most renewed museums in São Paulo, Brazil, for about 14 years. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the Inter-Graduate Program in Aesthetics and Art History of the University of São Paulo. She has developed a research project about the colonial Mexico City’s Main Square, which was built over a previous square in Mexico-Tenochtitlan. This research promotes a contemporary reading of towns and relates their visual language and symbolism to social-political and religious powers through a decolonial approach and political iconography. The doctoral research is a result of her participation as a student and an assistant in the project "New Art Histories: Connecting Ideas, Objects and Institutions in Latin America", developed by the Art History Departments of the Federal University of São Paulo and the University of Zurich, from 2011 to 2016, sponsored by the Getty Foundation.

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