Prof. Dr. Andrea von Hülsen-Esch

Richard Krautheimer Fellow

Main Focus

  • Materiality and production in art
  • Transdisciplinary research on representations of age(ing) in medieval and early modern art
  • Stage design from 16th to 19th century
  • Artists' networks and art critique at the beginning of the 20th century
  • Artists' and exhibition databases

Research Project

The Ages of Man and the Concepts of Time in Italian Trecento

Publications (Selection)

  • Cultural Perspectives on Aging. A Different Approach to Old Age and Aging, Berlin 2021, (
  • „Zeitlichkeit und die Verkörperung von Zeit. Zur kulturellen Konstruktion von Lebensalterstufen im Stundenbuch des Francesco da Barberino“, in Kulturgerontologie, hg. v. Franz Kolland, Vera Gallistl u. Viktoria Parisot, Wien 2021, S. 369391.
  • „The Three Ages of Man and the Materialization of an Allegory. Inquiries on an Object at the Threshold of Modernity“in Images, Improvisations, Sound and Silence from 1000 to 1800. Degree Zero, hg. v. Babette Hellemans u. Alissa Jones Nelson, Amsterdam 2018 (Knowledge communities 6), S. 5572.
  • Methoden der Alter(n)sforschung. Disziplinäre Positionen und transdisziplinäre Perspektiven, hg. v. Andrea von Hülsen-Esch, Miriam Seidler u. Christian Tagsold, Bielefeld 2013 (Alter(n)skulturen 1).
  • „Armut und Alter in der Renaissance“, in Armut in der Renaissance (Tagungsband Wolfenbüttel 2009), hg. v. Klaus Bergdolt, Wolfenbüttel 2013, S. 1550.

Curriculum Vitae

Andrea von Hülsen-Esch studied Art History, History and Philosophy in Frankfurt am Main and Göttingen and completed her PhD 1991 at Göttingen. In her thesis on Romanische Skulptur als Reflex der kommunalen Entwicklung (Berlin1994) she investigated the extent to which political developments in the cities of Northern Italy in the 12th century were reflected in the portal programmes of churches and city gates. From 1991 to 2001 she was scientific referee at the Max-Planck-Institute of History in Göttingen, and she habilitated in 2001 at the Humboldt-University Berlin with a habilitation thesis on group representations in the Middle Ages (Gelehrte im Bild. Selbstdarstellung und Fremdwahrnehmung einer sozialen Gruppe im Mittelalter, Göttingen 2006). From 2001 until now she is professor of Art History at the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf. In 2002 she received the Prix Gay Lussac / Humboldt for french-german scientific exchange on the methods of interpretation of images. From 2012 to 2018 she was director of the research training group "Materiality and Production" (GRK 1678), and from 2012 to 2015 she was head of the internal research training group "Alter(n)skulturen". From 2014 to 2019 she was Vice-President for International Relations of the HHU, since 2022 she is head of the Franco-German research training group (together with Aix-Marseille and Tübingen) "Cultural conflicts –  Cultures of conflict". 

Memberships/Honorary positions

  • 2016 - 2021: Member of the scientific advisory board of the Université franco-allemande (DFH – UFA), Saarbrücken
  • since 2021: Member of the scientific advisory board of the Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies of the University of Vienna
  • since 2022: Member of the University Council of the DFH – UFA
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