Main Focus

  • Renaissance Painting
  • Oriental Carpets
  • Mediality
  • Ornament
  • Textile studies

Publications (Selection)

  • "Il rifacimento della chiesa di Santa Barbara dei Librai di Roma (1679–1688): il committente Zenobio Masotti e l'attività artistica di Agostino Martinelli, Giuseppe Passari, Luigi Garzi e Domenico Guidi". 2015, Bollettino d'arte, 7, 24 (2014), pp. 125–142.
  • "Le ragioni dello stile: la critica di Pasquarosa Marcelli Bertoletti e Margherita Osswald-Toppi, modelle e pittrici anticolane", in Le muse di Anticoli Corrado, a cura di Manuel Carrera, Roma 2017, pp. 8–17.

Curriculum Vitae

Daniele Di Cola studied Art History at "Sapienza", University of Rome. He received his master's degree in art history in 2014 with a thesis on the church of Santa Barbara dei Librai in Rome. In 2018 he obtained his Ph.D. with a dissertation on the intellectual biography of the American art historian Leo Steinberg (1920–2011) and the critical foundations of his work. From March to August 2018, Daniele was an invited scholar at the Centre André Chastel in Paris, developing a project on the art historian Gustave Soulier (1872–1937) and his book Les Influences orientales dans la peinture toscane (1924). He is now completing a monograph on Soulier, especially his studies on Renaissance Italian art. His fields of interest include the history of art criticism between the 19th and 20th centuries and art historians who worked on both Old Masters and 20th-century art (among them Soulier and Steinberg). His postdoctoral research at the Hertziana Library explores the relation between the representations of Islamic carpets in Italian early modern art (14th–16th centuries), focusing on the shift in the spatial depiction of rugs: from their function within the narrative to "iconic" insets that emphasize the painted surface itself.

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