Débora Alcaine, M.A.

Débora Alcaine, M.A.

Paris x Rome Fellow

Main Focus

  • Printmaking revival
  • Strategies of resistance
  • Networks
  • Collaboration and education

Research Project

Porter-Camnitzer’s studios: print as resistance (1964–1978)

Curriculum Vitae

Débora Alcaine is a Ph.D. candidate in Art History at the University Fribourg and University Grenoble Alpes, where she researches early works of the Latin-American artists Liliana Porter and Luis Camnitzer.
Débora Alcaine did her B.A. at the art-school HEAD Geneva in performance and installation art. During her Art History studies in Fribourg, she worked for the contemporary art chair as under-assistant and tutor. In 2018, she received her M.A. from the University of Fribourg with her master’s thesis Dé-jouer une histoire de l’art : l’oeuvre graphique de Liliana Porter (1969–1979).

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