Dr. Eduardo Jorge de Oliveira

Postdoctoral Fellow

Main Focus

  • Representation and Presentation of the Skin in Literature and Visual Arts
  • Animals and Animality in Liteature and Visual Arts
  • Literature and Ethnography
  • Parody, Montage, and Collage: Artistic Procedures on the 20th and 21rst Century 
  • Avant-gardes and Indigenous Peoples

Research Project

Spielraum. Espaces de jeu et marges de manœuvre entre le Brésil et l’Europe entre le XXème et le XXIème siècles

Publications (Selection)

  • “How to build cathedrals. Cildo Meireles: A Sensory Geography of Brazil”, Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies, 28, 4 (2019), pp. 607–636.  DOI: 10.1080/13569325.2019.1637337
  • “L’exposition comme un espace de pensée”, Revue Europe – Dossier Georges Didi-Huberman, 1069 (2018), pp. 146–152.
  • “Fictions de l’animalité I. L’invention d’une peau chez Nuno Ramos”, Histoire de l’Art, 81 (2017/2). Dossier Animaux dans l’Art. URL: https://issuu.com/baranes/docs/ha81-2017-2_2018__extrait_ (accessed on 19 May 2021).
  • “Hagoromo and Heliotape: Haroldo de Campos and Hélio Oiticica at the Chelsea Hotel”, in Form and Feeling: the Making of Concretism, ed. Antonio Sergio Bessa, New York 2021, pp. 191–208. 
  • “Towards a phanerology of images. Karl Blossfeldt and the skin of the world”, in Natura: Environmental Aesthetics After Landscape, ed. Jens Andermann, Lisa Blackmore and Dayron Carrilo Morell, Zurich et al. 2018, pp. 111–133.

Curriculum Vitae

Eduardo Jorge de Oliveira is Assistant Professor of Brazilian Studies (Literature, Arts, Media) at the University of Zurich - UZH. He is the author of A invenção de uma pele. Nuno Ramos em obras (São Paulo, 2018), Signo, sigilo. Mira Schendel e a escrita da vivência imediata (2019)/Beschweigen, Bezeichnen. Mira Schendel und die Schrift unmittelbaren Erlebens (Trad. Melanie Strasser, 2020). He organized a collective book on Oswald de Andrade and the question of anthropophagy (2020) and other on Haroldo de Campos and the education of the senses (2022). In Brazil, he organizes the essay series "Peles Inventadas", Relicário Edições.

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