Nanni Moretti – Io è un altro

Susanne Watzenboeck, M.A.

The oeuvre of Roman screenplay writer, director and actor Nanni Moretti is one of the most autoreflexive ones of all time. Up to now, Moretti has dealt in diverse artistic variations with the question to what extent one can deal with one's self in the cinematographic medium. This, in spite of being both, subject and object of the final product at the same time, or even specifically because of this condition. The dissertation emanates from the assumption that this precise peculiarity of Morettian films can only be explored in an insufficient manner by means of assigning them to different genres like author's film, cinematic autobiography or fiction hitherto existing. This is because all these categories are based on a conceptual binarity of what can be thought of as real as opposed to fictional. However, a traditional understanding of fiction as an antonym to the real/reality impedes an adequate analysis of Moretti's movies because the director explicitly stages the relation between the two "poles" as a question, more so than a fact, and shows different variations of their possible relations. This is especially true concerning identity construction, which is always depictured as a process oscillating between fiction and reality. The dissertation aims at developing a new methodological approach via the implementation of interdisciplinary theories concerning reality/fiction/imagination, identity, mechanisms of perception as well as pictoriality so as to create a possibility to understand Morettis cinematic pictures not only as representations of reality, but also as generators of realities in their meaning as referents between internal and extern visualizations.

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