Ronah Sadan, M.A.

Predoctoral Fellow

Main Focus

  • Nineteenth-century medieval revivals
  • Medieval wall paintings in Scandinavia
  • The history of restoration and cultural heritage in the nineteenth century  
  • Remediation, documentation, and reproduction of artworks
  • Images and epistemology

Research Project

Publications (Selection)

  •  “Processing the Raw: The Negative Reception of a Late-Medieval Hell Painting in Nineteenth-Century Denmark”, Periskop – Forum for Kunsthistorisk Debat 30 (2023), pp. 150–169. DOI:

Curriculum Vitae

Ronah Sadan is a PhD student in art history at the Department of Art History, Aesthetics & Culture and Museology at the School of Communication and Culture, Aarhus University. Before developing a fascination with medieval Scandinavian wall paintings and their restoration history, she worked on Albrecht Dürer, Northern Renaissance print culture, and epistemic images. She received an AM in the History of Art and Architecture from Harvard University in 2012 and BAs in English and French literature from Rutgers University in 2005.

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