Salvatore Martinelli, M.A.

Predoctoral Fellow

Main Focus

  • Visuelle Medien (insbesondere Kartographie sowie Diagramme)
  • Historische Bildwissenschaft 
  • Kartographiegeschichte
  • Wissenschaftsgeschichte
  • Rezeptionsgeschichte

Research Project

Die kosmologische figura des Antonino Saliba

Curriculum Vitae

Salvatore Martinelli studied history at the University of Kassel, Università degli Studi di Firenze and Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II. During his time at the University of Kassel he acted as tutor and student assistant, respectively in Human Science (0809/2018)  and Humanities (05/201403/2015). His bachelor thesis (2016) was devoted to reception history, with regard to the question of how Italian Fascism dealt with the Romanità and to what extent this became part of the ideology. Exemplary for this he examined Piazza Augusto Imperatore conceived by the fascists, which embodied the symbolic representation space of the central idea of the Romanità, as well as the 1938 designed Mostra Augustea della Romanità dedicated to the 2000th birthday of the Roman Emperor Augustus. 

Martinelli wrote his master's thesis (2018) on the encyclopaedic universal map by Antonino Saliba, which was published in Naples in 1587. It covers various fields of knowledge such as the underworld, meteorology, comet formation and the sublunary world. All this is presented to the observer in a concentric structure, which distinguishes both the map image and the thematic compositions. The core question of this thesis was how writing, images and diagrams complement each other, using the example of the underworld and its spaces (Inferno, Limbo of the Infants, Purgatory and the Bosom of Abraham) and how the use of image signatures enables access to the designed knowledge repository. This was done primarily by analysing the structure and organisation of the implemented knowledge as well as the way the construction guides the recipient.
Since February 2020 Salvatore Martinelli is a PhD student at the Biblioteca Hertziana in the department "City and Space in the Premodern Age" of Prof. Dr. Tanja Michalsky. His dissertation project, which is supervised by Prof. Dr. Ingrid Baumgärtner, ties in with the subject of the master's thesis and is entitled "The Cosmological figure of Antonino Saliba".

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