Seicento Architecture for Fascist Italy. Armando Brasinis Projects in Italy, its Colonies, and Beyond

Philipp Hubert, M.A.

The PhD project is dedicated to the work of the Roman architect Armando Brasini (1879–1965). Using newly accessible archival sources, the project will revisit already known projects, include previously unknown projects in his oeuvre and elaborate Brasini's theoretical positions. His work will thus be embedded in the complex social, political and historical-architectural context of the twenty-year period of fascism. Particular attention will be paid to his search for an architectural stile for Fascist Italy, using Imperial, Byzantine and Baroque Rome as references, and to his building activity in the Italian colonies. Thirdly, Brasini's professional networks, institutional work and editorial activities are traced for the first time on the basis of extensive archival documentation. Brasini is thus described as a protagonist of the Italian architectural scene and as a characteristic representative of a "different modernism" that is still neglected by architectural historiography.

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