Transnational Encounters in the long 1968: Women Artists in Italy

Prof. Giovanna Zapperi

My research project explores the work of a number of women artists during Italy’s so called "long-1968", a time marked by unprecedented political unrest and by a mass feminist movement. My starting point is a critical analysis of the gender hierarchies structuring the art world in Italy in the wake of the miracolo economico, which have actively contributed in establishing an art historical canon with a strong tendency to emphasize the heroic rhetoric of genio creatore in tandem with a number of supposedly local features. By focusing on figures such as Anne Marie Sauzeau Boetti, Joan Jonas, Suzanne Santoro, Stephanie Oursler, Iole de Freitas and others, I propose to look at the transnational encounters that happened at the margins of the art world and map a series of positions that emphasized overlooked issues such as collaboration, withdrawal, and displacement.

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