Die Kunst Albrecht Dürers (1905) of Heinrich Wölfflin

Dr. Elena Filippi

The aim of the project is to explore the work of Heinrich Wölfflin, one of the most influential art historians of the 20th century. My research focuses on his monograph Die Kunst Albrecht Dürer (1905), which was published in six (different) editions until 1943 and had an immense impact on the approach of Dürer’s work. The research project is part of the publishing project "Heinrich Wölfflin - Gesammelte Werke". Archival material and Wölfflin’s unpublished works will be fully accessed for the first time. There will be a scientific critical commentary and critical apparatus as well as multiple indices like for instance an index of objects that were explicitly mentioned or vaguely indicated by Wölfflin himself. There will also be a focus on those objects that need to be accessed in a new way due to the current state of research. Therefore, this project is associated with two of my main research topics which are the interaction between Italy and the Renaissance in the German area and Wöllfin’s methodology in the context of new approaches to aesthetics.

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