Barbara Furlotti, Ph.D.

Census x Hertziana x Warburg Fellow

Interessi di ricerca

  • Forgery
  • Restoration
  • Antiquarianism
  • History of collecting

Progetto di ricerca

True Lies: Forging and Manipulating Antiquities in Renaissance Italy

Curriculum vitae

Barbara Furlotti is currently Census x Hertziana x Warburg fellow, her project focussing on forgery and manipulations of antiquities in early modern Italy. After studing Art History in Pavia and Bologna, she received her PhD from Queen Mary College University of London (2009). She held international fellowships in Europe and the US, including the Getty Residential Fellowship (2009-2010) and the Marie Curie Fellowship at the Warburg Institute (2012-2015). Barbara has contributed to numerous international and multidisciplinary research projects, and has published extensively on the history of collections and display (especially in relation to Mantua and Rome), the mechanisms of the art market in the early modern period, and on antiquarians, dealers, and collectors of antiquities. Her most recent book, Antiquities in Motion: From Excavation Sites to Renaissance Collections (Getty Publications, 2019; shortlisted for the Charles Rufus Morey book award, 2020), offers a dynamic reconstruction of the journey of ancient finds from the place of their discovery to the market places where they were sold, the workshops where they were restored, and the antiquarians’ warehouses where their value was assessed. She has co-curated the exhibitions ‘Giulio Romano: arte e desiderio’ (2019-2020) and ‘Giulio Romano: il potere delle cose’ (2022-2023).

Membro onorario/Associazioni

  • Member of the Renaissance Society of America
  • Member of the Society of the History of Collecting
  • Member of ICOM
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