Flavia Benfante, Ph. D.

Flavia Benfante, Ph. D.

Collaboratrice a progetto

Interessi di ricerca

  • History of architecture
  • Archeology of architecture
  • Digital Reconstructions and 3D modeling
  • Digital Humanities

Curriculum vitae

Flavia Benfante studied Architecture at the D’Arch (Dipartimento di Architettura) of the Polytechnic School of University of Palermo. She was a visiting student at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Toulouse in 2010 and at the School of Architecture of University of Miami in 2014. She graduated in 2015 with a thesis in history of architecture and representation on theatre architecture in mid-nineteenth century. After taking her professional abilitation as an architect she also collaborated with D’Arch and CIRCES in landscape projects on historical sites.
In the beginning of 2020 she completed her PhD in History of architecture at the DSDRA (Dipartimento di Storia, Disegno e Restauro dell’Architettura) of “Sapienza”, University of Rome, with a research on residential architecture in late-antique times in Rome. Since 2017 she has also been part of the UPO (Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla) archaeological field équipe at Villa Adriana, Tivoli.
Her scientific interests combine the perspective of history of architecture and the tools of archaeology with the applications of digital reconstructions and 3D modelling.
In the beginning of 2020 she collaborated on the Pablo Echaurren Collection with the Hertziana Digitization équipe, she is also currently engaged with Sapienza and other partners in the construction of the 3reaD – 3D REstore And Development Platform and since September 2020 she has been working on the database of Christoph Sander's project "Diagrams in Early Modern Science: the Case of Magnetism".

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