Oscar Seip, M.A.

Ricercatore post-dottorato

Interessi di ricerca

  • Early modern history of science and theatre
  • Spatial cognition and the art of memory
  • Correspondence studies and social network analysis
  • 3D modelling and virtual reality
  • Tropes and metaphors

Progetto di ricerca

Visualizing Theatres of Knowledge: The Science and Media of Epistemic Theatre in Early Modern Europe

Curriculum vitae

Oscar Seip studied Theatre and Art Studies at the University of Amsterdam and Cultural and Intellectual History at the Warburg Institute in London. He is currently finishing his Ph.D. in Italian Studies at the University of Manchester on the sixteenth-century Italian philosopher Giulio Camillo and his 'Theatre of Knowledge' as a case study for the intertwined early modern history of the arts and the sciences. After his submission, Oscar received a Digital Humanities Start-up Grant from the John Rylands Research Institute to create a 3D prototype of Camillo’s theatre, making it possible to explore the theatre in virtual reality. Oscar is also a founding member of the Manchester Centre for Correspondence Studies.
Since April 2020, Oscar is part of the research group "Visualizing Science in Media Revolutions" led by Dr. Sietske Fransen. His project "Visualizing Theatres of Knowledge: The Science and Media of Epistemic Theatres in Early Modern Europe" sets out to explore and classify a corpus of 842 printed works that have the word theatre in their title and were published between the 16th and 18th century.
Apart from his scholarly work, Oscar is also, together with Prof. Bryan Reynolds (University of California, Irvine) a founding member of the European branch of the Transversal Theater Company (TTC). TTC is an experimental theatre company known for creating original performance works that explore charged social, cultural, conceptual, and political realities of today through the combined social-cognitive theory, performance aesthetics, and research methodology known as Transversal Poetics.

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