Sabina Rosenbergová, M.A.


Interessi di ricerca

  • Visual culture of Rome with a focus on the tenth century
  • Art on the medieval pilgrimage routes in today's France
  • Historiography of Medieval Art History
  • Medieval perception of landscape and sacred space

Progetto di ricerca

Sacred space and landscape of medieval Conques in the light of textual sources (10th–12th centuries)

    Pubblicazioni (Selezione)

    • (with Ivan Foletti), “Rome between Lights and Shadows: Reconsidering ‘Renaissances’ and ‘Decadence’ in Early Medieval Rome”, Convivium 2020 (Supplementum 2), pp. 16–31.
    • “Crossing a Threshold, Sensing the Sacred: The Body in Movement as a Vehicle for Encountering a Sacred Place”, in Step by Step Towards the Sacred. Ritual, Movement, and Visual Culture in the Middle Ages, ed. Martin F. Lešák, Sabina Rosenbergová and Veronika Tvrzníková, Rome et al., 2020, pp. 15–36.
    • “The myth of Cathedra Petri”, in Re-thinking, Re-making, Re-living Christian Origins, ed. Ivan Foletti et al., Roma 2018, pp. 334–346.
    • Recension: “Steven Vanderputten: Dark Age Nunneries. The Ambiguous Identity of Female Monasticism, 800–1050, Ithaca/London”, sehepunkte 19, 7/8 (2019), URL:  [15.07.2019].

    Pubblicazioni (ricerca OPAC)

    Curriculum vitae

    Sabina Rosenbergová studied History and Art History at the Masaryk University (Brno, CZ), while her study stays at Sapienza Università di Roma (2015) and Université de Poitiers (2017) and internships at Bibliotheca Hertziana (2016 and 2018) were also a crucial formative experience. She is currently a PhD student in Art History in a cotutelle between Masaryk University and Sapienza Unversità di Roma under the supervision of Professors Ivan Foletti and Manuela Gianandrea. Her doctoral thesis focuses on the art historical reassessment of 10th century Rome, with a particular interest in historiographic issues and lay patronage of the period. Her research project in the Bibliotheca Hertziana deals with the sacred space and landscape around the important medieval pilgrimage site of Conques, and it studies the site from the perspective of 10th12th century textual sources. The research is a part of a project MSCA-RISE "Conques in the Global World. Transferring Knowledge: From Material to Immaterial Heritage". In the past, she collaborated on the project "Migrating Art Historians: Reconsidering Medieval French Art through the Pilgrim's Body (2016–2018)" under the leadership of Ivan Foletti, and the project "Potential of Migration. Contribution of the Russian Emigration to the Interwar Europe" (Masaryk University, 2019–2021) supported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic.

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