Career & Family

The Bibliotheca Hertziana is committed to the reconciliation of career and family. There are numerous options for organizational and financial support, particularly with regard to childcare:

  • A family-friendly organization of the institute's daily routines (e.g. conferences, meetings etc. not held during core childcare hours)
  • Flexible working conditions due to flexitime and part-time options
  • Mobile working
  • Promotion of parental leave and support when returning to work
  • Possible extension of employment contracts (including fixed-term contracts) in the event of pregnancy and childbirth
  • Employment of doctoral and postdoctoral candidates with funding contracts (not scholarships), thus making it possible to apply a wider range of offers relevant to equal opportunities.
  • Subsidy of childcare costs for very young children under the age of three (the pilot project of the Max Planck Society Erfolgreich forschen bei Max Planck – auch mit Baby has been extended until December 2019)
  • Subsidy of childcare costs incurred during lectures or business trips
  • Subsidy of childcare costs for pre-school children during the summer holidays
  • Personal consultation and individual care services in Germany, provided by pme-Familienservice based on a framework agreement with the Max Planck Society (as made available by the Rome location, e. g. homecare/eldercare)
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