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As microscopes were perfected during the 17th century, many overlooked natural objects were suddenly seen with a new eye. One of these was the poppy seed. Between 1663 and 1682, three images of poppy seeds were published as the result of the microscopic observations of Henry Power, Robert Hooke and Nehemiah Grew. [more]
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Les Plages d’Agnès (2008) is Angès Varda's first genuinely autobiographical film. This talk will be focusing on Varda's means of reshaping canonic modes of self-representation such as autobiography, self-portrait or autofiction. [more]
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Heinrich Wölfflin in the Hispanic World

Spring Term Opening Lecture
The lecture explores the reception of Kunstwissenschaft in Spain and Latin America and, more specifically, the fundamental impact of Heinrich Wölfflin's "Principles of Art History", published in 1915. This is to show how terms and methods of our discipline have been adopted, appropriated and transformed for constructing political, national and ethnic identities and to reflect on the issues of a global art history. [more]
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Geografie della migrazione V: Lamerica (Gianni Amelio, 1994)

Ciclo di Film Seminar
Geografie della migrazione. Luoghi dell’immaginario e spazio sociale nel cinema italiano [more]
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Der Workshop findet im Rahmen des Editionsprojekts Heinrich Wölfflin – Gesammelte Werke statt und betrifft die Bände Die Kunst Albrecht Dürers (1905) und Italien und das deutsche Formgefühl (1931). [more]
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The violent transformation of landscapes with its related political and environmental conflicts is characterized by a historical oblivion that has been contested by art interventions that bring up and experiment with the motives and media of fluidities. [more]
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What happens when language is not the means of communication but the topic of discussion? How can language be visualized so that we can talk about it? The Latin alphabet can be used of course as well as Greek, Hebrew, Arabic and Oriental characters. [more]
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Il pomeriggio di studio è dedicato alla produzione del fotografo Paul Lindner (1845-1923) attivo a Roma per 25 anni, fino al 1914. Il suo 'Atelier' si trovava nel giardino dell'Istituto Archeologico Germanico sul Colle Capitolino. Il suo Opus, sparso tra varie istituzioni culturali a Roma (DAI, Bibliotheca Hertziana, ICCD), è stato individuato e viene qui per la prima volta presentato. [more]
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Forum Kunstgeschichte Italiens 2020

Unter dem Obertitel „Mobilität: Personen, Objekte, Ideen“ sind vom 9.–11.3.2020 Italienforscher und -forscherinnen, interessierte Studierende und Gasthörer an das Institut für Kunstgeschichte der Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg eingeladen, um sich über aktuelle Forschungsfragen auszutauschen. [more]
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