The Photographic Collection of the Bibliotheca Hertziana in Rome will host the second annual meeting of the Working group Italy of the Arbeitskreis Provenienzforschung e.V. The workshop will focus on primary sources and archival collections in post-unitarian Italy, which serve as a fundamental tool for provenance research. [more]

Scaling Conques – The Frames of Reference in Understanding an 'Abbey in a Shell'

International Conference
This conclusive conference of the project “Conques in the Global World” [Link:] aims at reviewing the question implicit in the projects main title: How is the knowledge we generate about Conques conditioned by the frames of references we apply and what is the right scale of observation to answer our research questions? How does the choice of scale predetermine the results? [more]

Varieties of Modification of the Print

Keynote lecture - part of: The Paper Project Workshop "Touched/Retouched: Paper across Time (1400–1800)"
Whereas drawings only begin to change after they have been drawn, prints can change before, during, and after printing. [more]
Recent discussions in aesthetics and art history, literature, and visual studies have seen a renewed interest in questions of form and formalism. Whether in connection with algorithmic thinking, computer vision, and artificial intelligence, or with transcultural comparisons, revised narratives of modernism, re-conceptualisations of formlessness, and cognitive reflections on connoisseurship, form and formalism have regained currency in current discourses on a transhistorical and transdisciplinary level. It has become clear that an “archaeology of knowledge” about these crucial notions is indispensable in teasing out their critical potential and in productive application of what has also been termed “new formalism” or “post-formalism”. [more]
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