Junior Scholars

Department Michalsky

Florian Abe, M.A.
"Die geystlich Straß". Late Medieval Stations of the Cross as Immersive Urban Ensembles of Salvation

Dr. des. Adrian Bremenkamp
Historische Topographie der Repräsentation von Heiligen im Kontext dynastischer Legitimation und Identifikation in Süditalien (13.–14. Jahrhundert)

Patricia Pia Bornus, M.A.
Kunst und Kosmos. Astronomische Abbildungen der Frühen Neuzeit zwischen Ästhetik und Evidenz

Anna Chiara Giusa, M.A.
Messina 1509–1557: A Centre for Artistic Experimentation

Brandon Stuart Green, M.A., Princeton University Fellow
Confronting the Past in the Critical Third Century

Alberto Lo Pinto, Ph.D.
Milan as Site of Social Anxiety: Negotiating Notion of Modernity and Gender in Michelangelo Antonioni's "La Notte" (1961)

Salvatore Martinelli, M.A.
Die kosmologische figura des Antonino Saliba

Víctor Martín García
Che ogni occhio negozi da solo. Riflessioni intorno alla costruzione della storia, della memoria e dell’oblio nella pratica audiovisiva del found footage, cinema di compilazione e di archivio

Tommaso Morawski, Ph.D.
Mapping globalism. Geographical imagination, cartographic reason, and spatial practices of planetary consciousness in geo-aesthetic perspective

Dr. Elisabetta Scirocco
Die Bewältigung von Naturkatastrophen im Spiegel der historischen Rekonstruktionen Neapels

Dr. Margherita Tabanelli
La decorazione scultorea del castello di Lagopesole nel contesto: processi di interazione artistica in età tardosveva e protoangioina

Antonino Tranchina, Ph.D.
Architettura sacra nello Stretto di Messina: il monachesimo greco e il patrocinio normanno

Carlo Ugolotti, Ph.D.
A Tale of Two Cities: The Cinematographic Representation of Naples from Fascism to the Republic (1922–1962)

Judith Utz, M.A.
Raumgreifend. Künstlerische Strategien materialästhetischer Konstitution von Raum in Süditalien 1000–1250

Susanne Watzenboeck, M.A.
Nanni Moretti – Io è un altro

Lora Webb, M.A., Kress Foundation
Kosmos Embodied: Eunuchs and Byzantine Art in the Ninth through Twelfth Centuries

Dr. Steffen Zierholz, Getty Foundation & American Council of Learned Societies Ricercatore post-dottorato
Demons, Minerals, and Media-Specificity: The Subterranean as a Productive Force in Early Modern Naples

Department Weddigen

Débora Alcaine, M.A.
Porter-Camnitzer’s studios: print as resistance (1964–1978)

Marica Antonucci, M.A.
After Engagement. Art and Community in Italy 1960–1978

Daniel Becker, M.A.
Das Aquatische und Fluide als skulpturales Element in der italienischen Kunst

Katharina Bedenbender, M.A.
Die theologia duplex der Agrumen in der Frühen Neuzeit. Goldene Früchte bei Giovanni Pontano und Andrea Mantegna

Maria Bremer, Ph.D.
Exhibition-Made History. Revisiting Epochal Shifts from the Modern to the Contemporary

Franz Engel, M.A.
Seismic Baroque: Coral Stone Churches in the Philippines of the Spanish Colonial Period (1565–1898) and Their Place in Global Architectural History

Giorgia Gastaldon, Ph.D.
Tra impegno e disimpegno. L'arte delle donne a Roma negli anni Sessanta

Nora Guggenbühler, M.A.
Traveling Mary: Multiplication and Dissemination of Miraculous Images of Mary in the Hispanic World

Charles Kang, M.A.
Before the Reality Effect: Wax Representations in Eighteenth-Century France

Dr. Fernanda Marinho
Brazilian Modernism and the Italian Paradigm. The Commemorative Exhibition of the Fiftieth Anniversary of Official Immigration

Charlotte Matter, M.A.
Made of Plastics: Uneasy Liaisons Between Art and Industry Around 1968

Emiliy Monty, M.A.
Printmaking in Rome in the Age of Philip II (1556–1598)

Alexander Röstel, M.A.
Cultural Exchanges between Italy and Portugal, c. 1400-1750

Amir Saifullin, M.A.
Magical Futurism  – Genealogy of a Utopia

Dr. des. Katharine Stahlbuk
Dignitas domus. Die (Selbst-)Inszenierung eines Konvents als städtische Institution

Laura Valterio, M.A.
Ultima mano. Unfinished paintings and the end of the pictorial act

Veronika Winkler, M.A.
Success Stories in the 'New World'. From the Genesis of Mendicant Pictorial Vitae in the 'Old World', to their Migration and Projection in the Convents of the Viceroyalty of Peru

David Zagoury, Ph.D.
Perpetuum. Continuous Pictorial Fields 'around' 1555

Research Group Visualizing Science (Fransen)

Pamela Mackenzie, M.A.
Microscope/Macrocosm: Early Modern Technology, Visualization and Representations of Nature

Christoph Sander, M.A.
Diagrams in Early Modern Science: the Case of Magnetism

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