Artist Fellowship

The fields of art history, criticism, curation and art have always been intertwined. Today, artists are active in the most diverse social areas of culture and knowledge production. Since long, research institutes in the natural sciences and humanities acknowledge artists's transdisciplinary contribution to their own field of study. It can question and expand their own research practices, their societal and epistemic assumptions, from a viewpoint of methodology and institutional critique. For this reason, in 2018/19, the Bibliotheca Hertziana has included an Arts Fellow among its fellows and guests for the first time. In the context of the Rome Contemporary initiative, the visual artist Christoph Keller has explored questions of representation in relation to historicity, mediums of reproduction, cultural heritage, digital humanities and the topography of Rome under the working title Anarcheology Museum.

Arts Fellow

Christoph Keller (2018/2019)
Projekt: Anarcheology Museum

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