Post-digital library

All of the library's activities follow the principles of a post-digital collection. Analogue and digital formats are conceived as complementary forms of content, each with a specific character. The library aims to create the requisite space for both formats in accordance with the long-term interests of its patrons.

Rare Books project: overview

Henriette Hertz's original book collection contained a wide variety of rare printed resources. Since then, this basic inventory has been systematically expanded in selected areas. The most notable of these is the literature on the city of Rome, architectural theory, works on topography and travel literature about Italy. These topics are currently being expanded to include travel in the Mediterranean region, topographic maps, nautical science (especially navigation), natural disasters, sources for modern art (especially in Rome), as well as literature and sources on Italy's colonial past in Africa. In addition to the existing collection, new acquisitions will also be made progressively available in open access digital facsimiles of the highest quality. These digital tools are an ideal complement to the study of the originals, which are available on request. To make this possible, a long-term project for the restoration and conservation of approximately 20,000 volumes among the current holdings is being conducted with the support of the Max-Planck-Society.

Since 2006, the Rara collection of the Bibliotheca Hertziana has been digitized. [more]
The collection of valuable and rare books is not only a research tool but also part of our cultural heritage. The library is committed to maintaining and preserving this heritage to the highest standards. [more]

Climate monitoring

To aid preservation of the collections, a comprehensive climate-monitoring system is being developed for the entire library complex. The complicated building situation and changing climatic conditions require a holistic concept, which is currently being developed in close cooperation with relevant experts and implemented as quickly as possible.

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