Michele D’Aurizio, M.A.

Predoctoral Fellow

Main Focus

  • Modern and contemporary art, design, and craft

Research Project

Alighiero Boetti’s tecnica povera

Curriculum Vitae

Michele D’Aurizio is a scholar and curator of modern and contemporary art. He is a PhD candidate in the Department of History of Art at the University of California, Berkeley. His studies explore global art histories; the histories of modern architecture, industrial design, and craft; and the theoretical traditions of Marxism and the philosophy of technology. He studied at the Politecnico di Milano and at the Nuova Accademia di Belle (NABA) in Milan. He was editor of the contemporary art magazine Flash Art (201418) and co-curator of the 16th Quadriennale d'Arte (2016). In 2023, he curated the exhibition “sub-“ at the Museo d’Arte Contemporane (MACTE) in Termoli.

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