Nora Guggenbühler, M.A.

Predoctoral Fellow

Main Focus

  • Confessional image practice
  • Object history
  • Image anthropology

Research Project

Traveling Mary: Multiplication and Dissemination of Miraculous Images of Mary in the Hispanic World

Curriculum Vitae

Nora Guggenbühler studied art history and German linguistics & literature at the University of Zurich. During her studies, she was a student assistant at the Chair of Modern Art History at the University of Zurich and research assistant at the SNSF edition project Heinrich Wölfflin: Gesammelte Werke led by Prof. Dr. Oskar Bätschmann and Prof. Dr. Tristan Weddigen. In her master’s thesis Der Körper der Katakombenheiligen (2018), she examined the visual and liturgical staging of reliquary bodies in Switzerland during the Counter-Reformation. During the autumn semester 2019, she was teaching as an external lecturer at the University of Zurich. Her dissertation project explores the distribution of copies of miraculous Marian images within the Spanish Empire in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Taking different types of Madonnas as a vantage point, global interconnections of cult topographies are analyzed regarding questions of original and copy as well as center and periphery.

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