Pablo Echaurren and the Counterculture Years

The video turns to the 1970s and its counterculture, when the student movement in Italy changed tack and broke with all social norms, including those set by the protests of 1968.

The artist Pablo Echaurren was one of the protagonists of Italian counterculture in the 1970s. His archive, which includes his own works from that period, is one of the most important collections of post-1968 political and artistic creation. The collection includes otherwise almost untraceable fanzines, pamphlets, drawings, manuscripts, photographs and magazines – all of which have been digitized by the Bibliotheca Hertziana. In the video Echaurren presents some of these objects, which he links to his personal memories of the events of the period. Footage of his interview is interwoven with historical film sequences that evoke the spirit of those years and which, together with historical commentary, provide a special insight into this key decade in Italy's contemporary history.

With contributions by: Tristan Weddigen; Marica Antonucci

An extensive and unedited interview with Pablo Echaurren was archived.

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