Panorama of Naples (Stinemolen 1582)  

The atmospheric drawing by the Dutch artist Jan van Stinemolen, which exceptionally shows Naples from the northeast (hence from the countryside), combines high topographical detail with suggestive effects of landscape painting. By combining several perspectives into a very wide panorama, an 'impossible view' is created, which thematizes the embedding of the city in nature and its surrounding countryside. In the absence of a legend, the buildings were annotated by comparison with other maps and written sources.

462 x 1219 mm (without framing), 2 folios
draftsman: Jan van Stinemolen
inscription: IAN VAN STINEMOLEN / OUDT– 64 / 64 OVT / ANO–1582
Vienna, Albertina, Graphische Sammlung, Inv. 15444
12473; 5414 pixel
markup: Grit Heidemann, Martin Raspe

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