Department Weddigen

Elena Amerio, M.A.
Circulation of Religious Art and Artists of the Society of Jesus between Italy and the Viceroyalty of Perú (XVI-XVII Century). Bernardo Bitti and Followers.

Luigi Crea, M.A.
The Art of Resistance: A Research of Queer Art in the Brazilian and Peruvian Contexts from 1990 to Present

Michele D’Aurizio, M.A.
Alighiero Boetti’s tecnica povera

Dr. Lara Demori
Transnational Encounters: Diasporic Narratives across Italy and Latin America (1960s–1980s)

Anna Aline Mehlman Dumont, B.A.
Portatrici, Lavandaie, Cucitrici: Picturesque Modernism and the Image of the Italian Woman at Work

Dr. Christina Heflin
Le Radici Francesi: The Parisian Origins of Arturo Schwarz’s Surrealism in Italy

Alina Kondratiuk, Ph.D.
Mural Painting of the Church of the Savior at Berestove: Semantics. Stylistics

Lesia Kulchynska, Ph.D.
Violence of the Image

Caterina Martinelli, M.A.
The Sense of Sculpture. Practiced Sculpture in the 1970s Dematerializations Context

Ariella Minden, M.A.
In Dialogue: Medial Thinking in Bolognese Printmaking, 1500-1530

Linda Müller, M.A.
Drawn to Law: Legal Drawings in Early Modern Italy in an Age of Empire

Duccio Nobili, Ph.D.
Red in the Eyes. Artists, Mass Culture and Russian Avant-garde in Italy, 1968–1977

Oleksandra Osadcha, Ph.D.
Praktiken der Archivierung und das Medium Fotografie

Dr. Dimitri Ozerkov
Vincenzo Brenna: The Travelling Architect

Dr. Elisabetta Rattalino
Curating Bolzano Fascist Legacies: The Myth of Druso

Braden Scott, Ph.D.
Burgundy in Bethlehem: Architectural Diplomacy in Fifteenth-Century Mamluk Syria

Ianick Takaes de Oliveira, M.A.  
Durissimum iudicium gentibus profert: On the Production and Circulation of Philippe Thomassin’s Last Judgment (1606)

Dr. Tobias Teutenberg
Heinrich Wölfflins "Kunstgeschichtliche Grundbegriffe" (1915)

Dr. Tobias Teutenberg 
Affirmations of the Non-Visual. The Art History of Blindness in the 19th and 20th Centuries

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