Il film La rivoluzione siamo noi (90 minuti) sarà proiettato nel Villino Stroganoff in italiano con sottotitoli in inglese seguito da una conversazione con Ilaria Freccia (regista), Ludovico Pratesi (autore) e Chiara Sbarigia (Presidente Cinecittà) [mehr]

Film Seminar "Talking Hands"

Talking Hands/Говорящие руки (48 min, 2016) is a film about the 1960s Zagorsk School for deaf-blind children outside Moscow and its "cultural-historical" pedagogy. The school was established by Marxist philosopher Evald Ilyenkov, who, in contention with dominant Soviet ideology, began developing ideas of how human consciousness is socially and spatially constituted, arguing that it emerges in relation to material culture, objects, tools and other people. [mehr]
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