Massimo Piersanti e gli Incontri Internazionali d’Arte

Mostra fotografica
Mercoledì 16 novembre alle ore 18:30 la Bibliotheca Hertziana – Istituto Max Planck per la storia dell’arte inaugura presso gli spazi di Palazzo Zuccari la mostra fotografica intitolata “Massimo Piersanti e gli Incontri Internazionali d’Arte”, risultato del lungo progetto di digitalizzazione di parte dell’archivio personale del fotografo Massimo Piersanti e del fondo Archivio Incontri Internazionali d’Arte del MAXXI, Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI secolo. [mehr]
Questo research seminar mette a confronto diverse prospettive intorno alla rivista di informazione, approfondimento culturale e fumetti “Frigidaire” (novembre 1980 - ). In particolare, si esplorerà questo periodico come importante epicentro di diffusione di estetica controculturale – svolta attraverso fumetti, reportage, articoli di inchiesta e di critica – su un piano di produzione e distribuzione nazionale. [mehr]
An exhibition by the Bibliotheca Hertziana - Max Planck Institute for Art History as part of the #ScienceForUkraine initiative. In response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the Bibliotheca Hertziana has offered doctoral and postdoctoral fellowships to at-risk art historians from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus as a contribution to the international #ScienceForUkraine initiative. [mehr]
The recent restoration campaign of the Hall of Constantine in the Vatican Apostolic Palace has confirmed that Raphael authored the figures of Iustitia and Comitas, executed in oil on plaster. This talk will situate Raphael’s plan to paint the Vatican room in oils in the broader context of the experimentation with this technique that took place in Central Italy in the first half of the sixteenth century. [mehr]
The material dimension of artistic artifacts is nothing but the coexistence and confluence of "minimal worlds". [mehr]

Sensors of Capital: Drawing for the English East Company circa 1800

Resarch Seminar
This talk explores the relatively little-known visual work of military officers employed by the English East India Company for surveying, mapping, and illustrating. [mehr]
"(Dis)Continuities: Navigating Through the History of Ukrainian Art" is a series of meetings by Ukrainian scholars to give a panoramic overview of the key episodes in the history of the country’s visual heritage. The first research seminar by Stefania Demchuk and Nazar Kozak will give insight into the issues connected with the study of Medieval and early Modern art in Ukraine. [mehr]

Fumetti underground tra ricerca e festival mainstream

Questo Workshop pone a tema diverse tendenze storiche e contemporanee del fumetto underground, riunendo prospettive di ricerca accademica, attività creativa e divulgazione attraverso eventi culturali di portata nazionale e internazionale. Contenitore elastico, il fumetto underground indica sia una categoria estetica adatta ad esprimere diverse istanze autoriali (genere e tradizione di riferimento sul piano narrativo e visuale, esplorazione di determinati contenuti, stilistica), che una serie di pratiche di produzione e distribuzione alternative alla stampa istituzionale che esercitano una sostanziale influenza sul mondo del fumetto mainstream. [mehr]

Research Seminar Series: “Shifting Images and Ideas of Europe’s East: An Art Historical Approach from the Margins”

2. Research Seminar: “An Encounter of the Opposites: Images of Russia in European Renaissance Writing and the Russian Responses”
Speaking of Europe often presupposes the existence of a stable unity of people with a common history, culture and identity. Yet it is not only the current political crisis that reveals major imbalances within the continent, where the gap between ‘West’ and ‘East’ looms particularly large. This series of research seminars offers the opportunity to read Europe's East from a historical perspective, in its relationship to other European regions, some of them (self-)declared as the center, as well as to the neighboring continent of Asia. [mehr]

Ringvorlesung: "Entangled Art Histories" – Objekte-Narrative-Diskurse (vom 26.10.2022 bis 26.01.2023

Der Anspruch, die Kunstgeschichte global zu erweitern, stellt das Fach seit geraumer Zeit in methodischer, inhaltlicher und institutioneller Hinsicht vor große Herausforderungen. Dies tritt etwa mit Blick auf die Öffnung des Gegenstandsbereichs auf außereuropäische Objekte deutlich zutage. Im Zuge dieses Prozesses gilt es, sich folgendem Fragenhorizont zu stellen: Inwiefern ist das an mitteleuropäischen Artefakten erprobte Methoden- und Theorienrepertoire einer global ausgeweiteten Kunstgeschichte noch dienlich? Wie kann die Kunstgeschichtsschreibung vermeiden, vermeintlich längst überwundene koloniale Rhetoriken und Strategien zu reaktivieren? Auf welche Weise lässt sich ästhetische Alterität erfassen, ohne „Andersartigkeit“ zugleich kategorisch festzuschreiben? [mehr]
Wastework is an international, interdisciplinary conference on the materiality, spatiality, and processing of waste in the early modern workshop. It proposes to examine acts of disposal, displacement, removal, and abeyance – in short, the getting rid of unwanted things – and the consequences these carry for the study of early modern material culture. [mehr]
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