A Technology of Transparency

Research Seminar
Today, glass is ubiquitous, from window glass to tableware, and from eyeglasses to glass fibres, even to the extent to become almost invisible. However, this ubiquity has not always been there. [mehr]

Living with the Volcano │The Culture and History of Naples reflected in Natural Disasters

Max Planck Lecture
Eruptions and earthquakes have left their mark on the city of Naples. How have these disasters shaped the city’s art and architecture and the mindset of people living with natural threats? [mehr]

Diagrams and Other Visual Aids in the Early Modern University Classroom

Research Seminar
On 19 July 1595, while lecturing on astronomy in the Protestant seminary school at Graz, Johannes Kepler had an epiphany. As he recalled in the Mysterium cosmographicum, 'when I was going to show my audience the leaps of the great conjunctions … I inscribed many triangles, or quasi-triangles, in the same circle, so that the end of one was the beginning of another.' [mehr]

Navigating and Annotating Art Historical Collections

Workshop (closed) with Open Lecture (participation possible online via Zoom and on-site prior registration) on November 23, 09:30 am
Recent engaging proposals prompt us to reconsider the assumptions and goals behind digital art historical collections. This seminar will tackle new ways of conceiving, navigating and annotating digital art collections through data visualization and interaction design. [mehr]

Neue Tendenzen der Italienforschung zu Mittelalter und Renaissance

4. Interdisziplinärer Workshop
Ziel des interdisziplinären Workshops ist es, jüngere Ansätze der Italienforschung kritisch zu würdigen, ein Forum intensiven Austausches zu schaffen und die Italienforschung in Deutschland insgesamt zu stärken. [mehr]
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