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Speaker: Beate Fricke

Flotsam. Writing the History of Objects Travelling without Texts

Research Seminar
The celestial globe displays the sky, the silver dots indicate the stars, the engraved lines and inscriptions the constellations. The brass globe, made in Lahore and purchased by Henry Moser during his travels in Central Asia, has not received scholarly attention so far. It belongs to a group of astronomical instruments produced in South Asia, which gained popularity at the Mughal court since the mid-16th century. [more]

Acts of Creation between Artistic Practice and Theological Discourse, 12th ‒ 14th Centuries

Research Seminar
In this talk, I explore essential differences between medieval and modern ideas about acts of creation, obscuring our retrospective view upon the medieval artist, his or her work, and his or her self-understanding. I analyze forms of artistic self-representation in illuminations of Genesis and of the creation of the cosmos according to writings by antique and medieval natural philosophers. [more]
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