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Speaker: Tristan Weddigen

Neobaroque Modern: Oscar Niemeyer and the Construction of a Brazilian Identity

Spring Term Opening Lecture
The lecture explores the reuse of the colonial Baroque in the modernist discourse, and more specifically in Oscar Niemeyer’s early architectural work, as a means to forming Brazilian identity. [more]

Raphael and Stalin in Dresden: Art, Display, and Ideology

Research Seminar
On Stalin’s instructions, 2000 works of art to be seized in Germany as trophies were listed and to be installed in a World Museum of Art. The most sought-after piece was Raphael’s Sistine Madonna. Trophy Brigades were sent to the front lines. In May 1945, they found Dresden destroyed, but discovered the hidden art depots. 200 000 objects were sent to the USSR, especially to the Pushkin Museum. [more]

Heinrich Wölfflin in the Hispanic World

Spring Term Opening Lecture
The lecture explores the reception of Kunstwissenschaft in Spain and Latin America and, more specifically, the fundamental impact of Heinrich Wölfflin's "Principles of Art History", published in 1915. This is to show how terms and methods of our discipline have been adopted, appropriated and transformed for constructing political, national and ethnic identities and to reflect on the issues of a global art history. [more]

Art in Outer Space (1969)

In 1969, man set foot on the Moon – time to reflect on the role of art in the most mediatized event of modern times. The lecture, which opens the Spring Term of the Bibliotheca Hertziana’s academic program, addresses the question of the meaning of art in outer space and discusses works from Andy Warhol to Damien Hirst that have actually left the Earth. [more]
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