"Nobile Cita di Napole […] suo vero Ritratto" (Du Pérac/Lafréry 1566)  

The plan engraved by Étienne Du Pérac and printed by Antoine Lafréry shows the city after the urbanistic changes of the first viceroys. The view combines, in the manner of a 'bird's eye view', different projection forms for the surroundings and the actual body of the city, where the buildings are precisely recorded and depicted axonometrically. The legend is comparatively short, but therefore shows all the better the accentuations of the producers.

518 x 832 mm
2 plates
engraver: Étienne Du Pérac
printer: Antoine Lafréry
10467;6883 pixel
markup: Luigi Coiro, Gianluca Forgione, Martin Raspe

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