Digitally Annotated Maps of Naples

"Neapolis urbs ad verissimam effigiem […] nuper expressa" (Theti 1560)
The very title of this first copper engraved plan of Naples announces its claim to be a "most true representation" of the city. more
"Nobile Cita di Napole […] suo vero Ritratto" (Du Perac/Lafréry 1566)
The plan engraved by Étienne Du Perac and printed by Antoine Lafréry proved more successful than its predecessor (Theti 1560) because of its almost true-to-scale representation and not least because of its aesthetically attractive presentation. more
Panorama of Naples (Stinemolen 1582)
The atmospheric drawing by the Dutch artist Jan van Stinemolen, which shows Naples from the unusual perspective of the northeast (and hence from the countryside), combines high topographical detail with suggestive effects of landscape painting.  more
"Fidelissimae Urbis Neapolitanae […] accurata et nova Delineatio" (Baratta 1627/1670)
Alessandro Baratta's plan is characterized by its prominent title, a particularly detailed design of the individual buildings, and extensive paratexts. more
"Mappa topografica della città di Napoli e de' suoi contorni" (Duca di Noja 1775)
The closest approach to modern maps is the plan of the Duca di Noja, surveyed with the greatest technical effort, which completely dispenses with axonometry and any form of elevation.  more
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