Reflections on Digital Humanities

In investigating media changes that occurred 500 years ago and their specific influence on visual communication, it seems appropriate to draw inspiration from the current media revolution that reshapes the world in which we live and work. Within the group we therefore reflect on our own practices as (art) historians and how these have changed within the past decades with the help and impact of digital media. For example, in the way that we search for and access books, the way we can visualize networks of authors, publishers, or early modern scientists, and the fact that we can compare images and art works in digitized forms from all over the world on our computer screens. Have these developments changed our questions and research approaches? And can this knowledge shed light on the media revolutions that happened in the early modern period? Not only do such investigations prompt us to question our own work within the humanities but in uncovering the parallels between early modern scientific practices and current practices we engage with natural scientists and artist to understand their workings as well as their reflections on new media. 

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