Alessio Ciannarella, M.A.



  •      Modern Art and Architecture in Rome (XVII-XIX Century)
  •      Art historiography
  •      Dispersion and Destruction of Cultural Heritage
  •      Cartography 


Space and Time in the Periegetic Literature in Rome (XVII-XIX Century)


Alessio Ciannarella received his MA in History of Art from the University of Rome La Sapienza (2020), where he is currently a PhD student, supervised by Prof. Stefano Pierguidi. His thesis aims to analyze the evolution of the artistic guidebooks published in Rome between the 17th and 18th century, focusing on the relationships between these books and contemporary publishing and cartographic production.

He is member of the Sapienza Research Group "Giovanni Gaetano Bottari (16891775) and His Legacy: Art History, Museums, Conservation in the Eighteenth Century Europe". The project explores the ideas on the visual arts of this protagonist of the 18th century European cultural scene.

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