Abteilung Michalsky

Chiara Audizi, M.A.
Clients and Artists: Spaces and Forms of Self-Representation in Medieval Churches of Basilicata (XII–XIII Centuries)

Dr. Alev Berberoğlu
The Image of Naples in Sultan Abdülhamid II’s Photography Collection

Dr. Adrian Bremenkamp
Topographie, Zeitlichkeit und Materialität der Heiligenverehrung in Süditalien (13.-14. Jahrhundert)

Chiara Capulli, MPhil
Displacement and Reconfiguration: The Effects of the Florentine Guasto of 1529 on Devotional Spaces and Networks of Artistic Patronage

Elenio Cicchini, Ph.D.
Nascita della commedia napoletana. Uno studio sul gesto nelle farse e nella pittura di genere

Şirin Datli, M.A.
Erkenntnis und Zweifel. Neapolitanische Malerei und wissenschaftlicher Wandel im 17. Jahrhundert

Malvina Giordana, Ph.D.
The Visual Culture of the Italian Mezzogiorno. Cinema and Tourism Production Systems (1947–1962)

Dr. Semra Horuz
Visualizing Europe in Late Ottoman Capital: Photographs, Drawings, and Remediations

Rebecca Johnson, M.A.
Signaling Saintly Presence: Constructing Identity in Fourteenth to Seventeenth-Century Dalmatia

Nora Lambert, M.A.
Picturing Mobility: Late Medieval and Renaissance Naples at the Threshold of the Mediterranean

Dr. Anna Magnago Lampugnani
Transkulturelle Verhandlungen: Adelsgrabmäler in Neapel in der Zeit der spanischen Vizekönige

Roberta Minnucci, Ph.D.
Performing Naples in the 1970s: Artistic Experiments in the Urban Context

Dr. Tommaso Morawski
The Map as a Cultural Technique. Transmedial Approaches to (Western) Cartographic Imagination

Costanza Paolillo, Ph.D.
Paradise Gatekeepers. Social Space and Preservation of Italian Heritage in Global Context: The Amalfi Coast Case

Kris Racaniello, MPhil 
The Power of Material Narratives: Constructing Shrines Across the Pyrenees Over the Long Twelfth Century

Mariano Saggiomo, Ph.D.
Worship and Magnificence in Naples between the Middle Ages and the Modern Age. The Case of Noble Chapels

Dr. Elisabetta Scirocco
Die Bewältigung von Naturkatastrophen im Spiegel der historischen Rekonstruktionen Neapels

Stephanie Wisowaty, M.A.
Painted Processional Crosses in Late Medieval Italy (c. 1250–1400):  Movement, Mediation and Multisensory Effects

Tommaso Zerbi, Ph.D.
The Bourbon Middle Ages: Neo-Medieval Architecture and the Politics of the Risorgimento


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