İSTANBUL SURLARI - The Land Walls of Istanbul

Online Exhibition

  • Datum: 23.08.2022
  • Vortragende(r): Online Exhibition - Photographs by Domenico Ventura
  • Kontakt:
İSTANBUL SURLARI - The Land Walls of Istanbul
Photographs by Domenico Ventura

In the context of the 24th International Congress of Byzantine Studies in Venice ( the Photographic Collection in cooperation with photographer Domenico Ventura contributes an online-exhibition on the Land Walls of Istanbul. The online exhibition will open with the conference on August 23 2022 and can be reached via this link and at the same time on our site at

The exhibition was originally due to be shown on site at the Hertziana in spring 2020, invitations had been printed, a workshop with Neslihan Asutay-Effenberger, Silvia Pedone, Silvia Ronchey and Aleksandar Shopov was organized, but Covid19 stopped us in our tracks.

Scientific Organization: Tatjana Bartsch, Johannes Röll, Domenico Ventura

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