Violence of the Image

Lesia Kulchynska, Ph.D.

In my project I want to explore the clashes with art as the points of high intensity in relationships between art and society that can shed the light onto the hidden structures of these relationships. I will investigate the reasons of intolerance towards art projects in Ukraine and in other contexts to figure out what causes certain artistic images to be perceived as intolerable or dangerous. Could it be that the feeling of threat stemming from an image is a sign of its inherent power? And if so, is the image’s power related to violence? If there is a violence of the image, what is being violated and how?

By thinking about these acts of perception and/as censorship, or even open attacks, I will read them against the contexts of broader political and economic processes that define and structure these responses and explore how the relationship with an image evolves with the virtualization of artistic, social and political realms as well as their overlap, especially in the context of hybrid or kinetic wars and easy militarization or weaponization of an image.


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