Oleksandra Osadcha, Ph.D.

Ricercatrice post-dottorato

Interessi di ricerca

  • contemporary Ukrainian art
  • late- and post-Soviet photography
  • materiality of the photographic medium

Progetto di ricerca 

Archive Practices and the Photographic Medium

Pubblicazioni (Selezione)

  • (with Nadiia Kovalchuk) “The Strategies of Visual Representation of ‘Homo Sovieticus’ (On the Material of the Kharkiv School of Photography)“, Sztuka Europy Wschodniej, VII (2019), pp. 199–205.
  • “Alexander Chekemenv: Forgotten Land”, in Alexander Chekmenev. Pamiršta žemė / Forgotten Land (Ausstellungskatalog Foligno), Klaipeda 2020, pp. 104–109.
  • “Roman Pyatkovka: A Field Study of ‘Communal’ body”, PHROOM, 30.07.2020, URL: https://phroommagazine.com/roman-pyatkovka (accesso 28.04.2022).
  • “Searching for Photography-As-Art: Theoretical Views of Jury Rupin in the Official Photographic Discourse of the Late Soviet Period”, in Kharkiv Photo Forum (conference proceedings, Kharkiw 2020), ed. Viktoria Bavykina and Max Gorbatskyi, Kharkiw 2020, pp. 52–60.
  • “Collage Panopticon of Sergey Solonsky”, MOKSOP, 06.03.2019. URL: https://www.moksop.org/en/collage-panopticon-of-sergiy-solonsky (accesso 06.03.2019).

Curriculum vitae

Oleksandra Osadcha obtained her Ph.D. at the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts with a dissertation on the topic “Representing Christian Tradition in the Ukrainian Art of the late 20th – 21st century”. Since 2015, she works with Art Expert, an art authentication and appraisal company based in New York. From 2014 to 2018, she collaborated with Kyiv’s PinchukArtCentre and was given the position of a curator as well as researcher at the Museum of Kharkiv’s School of Photography (MOKSOP). Osadcha became a lecturer at the department of Theory and Art History at the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts in 2017 and taught courses on the basics of scientific research, history of art, mythology in art, history of cinematography, history of art history and art criticism and art theories of the 20th century.

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