Disintegration and Formation of Medieval Compounds with Towers in Trogir


  • Public event without registration
  • Data: 10.07.2024
  • Ora: 18:00 - 20:00
  • Relatrice: Ana Plosnić Škarić
  • Luogo: Villino Stroganoff, Via Gregoriana 22, 00187 Rome and online
  • Contatto: rossi@biblhertz.it
Disintegration and Formation of Medieval Compounds with Towers in Trogir
The lecture is focused on studying changes in the Medieval urban fabric, interpreting fragments and their interrelationships, and prompting discussion on the limits of well-argued results and their textual and visual representations.

The lecture proposes a model for using a GIS program as a working space. This model allows for structuring information collected from different sources, adding interpretation, and commenting on their interrelationships. These are essential procedures when dealing with fragments and uncertainties. The model contains information on the fortifications of the city of Trogir from 220 BCE until 1500 CE and supports the study of the transformations in the urban fabric that occurred due to political and social changes in which individual needs and aspirations had to be realised. The micro-space history of medieval compounds with towers has emerged as a topic revealing one of the most characteristic features of the city, which has affected its form until today.

Ana Plosnić Škarić is the 2024 Richard Krautheimer Fellow at the Bibliotheca Hertziana—Max Planck Institute for Art History, Rome, and a Senior Researcher at the Institute of Art History, Zagreb. Her studies include systematic archival research, the methodology of understanding relationships between textual and visual information, and the use of digital tools while researching Medieval urban and architectural history.

For participation online through our Vimeo Channel, please follow this link: https://vimeo.com/event/4369712

Scientific Organization: Tanja Michalsky

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